Faculty Development Programme

Faculty Development Programme On
Simulation Techniques of Power Electronics Converters (STPEC)
(February 27th -March 04th, 2017)

Sponsored by
TEQIP-II, World Bank

Organized by:
Electrical Engineering
Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur (U.P.)

Objective of the Course
Power electronics converters are widely used in Electrical Drives, FACTS Controller and HVDC system.    The    basic    function    of    these    power electronics converters (PECs) is to convert one form of  the  power  to  another  form  which  is  suitable  for the desired application. These converters introduced undesirable  harmonics  in  to  the  supply  system  as well  as  deteriorates  the  performance  of  the  system where it is applied. Before implementing the PEC, it is must to check the performance of the converter using simulation study. The  aim  of  proposed  course  is  to  discuss  the fundamentals and simulations  of Power  Electronics Converters  in  MATLAB  using  Simulink  and  Sim Power    System    Blockset.    Various    types    of conventional    and    advance    Power    Electronics Converters will be discussed and simulation will be demonstrated.

Course Contents

  • Simulation of Single Phase Rectifier System
  • Simulation of Three Phase Rectifier System
  • Simulation of Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost Chopper etc.
  • Simulation of Single Phase and Three Phase AC voltage regulator
  • Simulation of Single Phase and Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter
  • Simulation of Multi-Pulse Rectifier System
  • Simulation of Multi-Level Inverters Modulation Techniques Active Filters
  • Harmonics Analysis (THD)

Participated Faculty members:-Mr.Sumit Kumar Singh,Mr.Santosh Kumar Suman